Interview With WordPress Expert – Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur is a Founder of WebEasy – A Premium WordPress Agency. She is a leading WordPress Expert and Digital Marketing Strategist helping small businesses build their web presence. She has trained and mentored more than 300+ students. As a Solopreneur, she is truly an inspiration for all the Solopreneurs out there.

Further, let us hear from her,

Hello and welcome Manmeet!

Q1. Let us begin with your unique story, could you please share that with us?

This is actually a strange story than a unique one because I pursued digital marketing as an additional skill to my professional skill which is the Japanese language professional. But entrepreneurship was something very close to my heart since childhood, and then the pandemic hit and to my luck, it was a blessing in disguise. What I chose as an additional skill brought me closer to my dreams. So I tried and tested, and gave my best in whatever came my way. I didn’t let any opportunities pass by and I shaped who I am today!

But, how did you ended up as a WordPress Expert?

It will be unfair to say that I succeeded from day one. I failed as a Digital Marketing Agency Owner and that was because I was trying to do it all. I was trying to master everything. That is when I attended one of the sessions by Sorav Jain and worked on Niche Clarity and that’s how I landed up as a WordPress Expert and then my work became my spokesperson and my students were ready to pay the price I asked for.

Q2. According to you what is the best way to start the day?

According to me, when you are asking, I will share my routine as the daily routine could differ from person to person based on industry and working hours.  I start my day with one hour of Yoga and then one cup of tea with a quick overview of my To-do list prepared a day before. To everyone reading this, one suggestion I would like to give is to include 10-15mins of mindset videos at the start of the day. A boost of positivity is extremely essential for any entrepreneur.

Q3. What is or has been your biggest inspiration?

Actually, there is not one, there are plenty. If I may mention all of them.

#1 My Mom – I learned from her to never give up. Always stand back strong. 

#2 My Hard Days – The feeling made me perform better and I never wanted to go to where I came from. 

#3 My Husband – The kind of support I have from him has been my business critic. You always need someone to guide you in the right direction. And That’s him. 

#4 Sorav Jain – The one who changed my business life, and transformed the way to excel in the online market. 

Q4. What is the importance of having a website in 2021?

Having your business online without a website is like catching a train without a valid ticket because a website is like an online address, if you don’t have a website your shop has no allocated spot on the web. And it is important for credibility, if your customer wants to work with you as a brand and I am not talking about being an influencer, the first verification they are looking for is a website.  

Q5. Which platform would you prefer for a website?

WordPress, any day. It has made so many lives easy and on the same lines has been a source of income to so many of us (Including me).

If you want to know how to build a website using WordPress check out the article – 6 Easy Steps To Create A Personal WordPress Blog.

Q6. What makes WordPress better than other content management systems?

I feel WordPress has the largest market share because of the simplicity it offers. It has numerous plugins to choose from, you can go from a simple blog site to a heavy e-commerce site. And the best part is that it has dual functionality, Code and No-code. You can design and develop your site at the same time. 

Q7. Which is your favorite page builder and why?

Oh! I absolutely love elementor. It has an extremely easy interface. So many templates to get started especially when you are very new and need a kickstarter. And it has been progressing every single year.

Q8. What are your 3 favorite WordPress plugins?

We have already discussed elementor, and the next 3 I am about to mention might be well known already but they are the backbone of any WordPress site to function well. And it’s FREE OF COST.

Part of them, 

#1. UpdraftPlus – For easy Backups. 

#2. WooCommerce – Making Ecommerce sites accessible.

#3. Yoast SEO – Making on-page SEO easy.

Q9. How would you define success in your career?

To be honest, saying ‘yes’ at the right time has been the definition of success for me. I like to pounce on every opportunity that comes my way. I don’t process a lot while saying yes to an opportunity, at the same time this is more relevant for a personal brand that needs visibility. But when it comes to clients and services, every yes has been thoughtful. There have been times I got no business in a month, but I choose to say no because being paid less is better than not being paid at all. So, the right balance of yes and no has been my ‘secret’ strategy. 

Q10. Lastly, would you like to say something to my readers?

First of all, Thank you for giving your time to read my story. I really appreciate each of you for that trust you had while you were reading this. And if you have reached the last part that means you have decided to achieve success, and I have suggestions for growth, and this will get you a sure shot success. It’s really simple and it’s a 2-Step Theory. 


Do not wait for the perfect camera, team, designer, or setup. Just get started. Once you decide to upload that first piece of content or provide that first service. You are halfway through 


Don’t you also get the imposter syndrome, I have just started. Who am I to coach someone or who am I to deliver a premium quality service? Whenever you feel like this, remember, someday your mentor also started from 0. And you are one step ahead of someone who is still at 0. Keep growing while you are at it, but stay one step ahead and don’t stop. 

Thank You, I truly appreciate your valuable time spent with us. 
Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors.


Tanima Wadhwa

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