About Me

I am a Digital Marketer, Freelancer, and a Blogger

About Tanima Wadhwa

About Me

Hey there! Tanima here. Welcome to My Blog.

I am glad that you checked out my About Page. I am a Passionate Digital Marketer, Freelancer, and Blogger who thrives to learn, explore and apply new things in Digital Marketing.

I am a Post Graduate in Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Applications. Being a Post Graduate in Mathematics I was quite happy as mathematics is considered the most difficult subject by many. But deep down I knew that I want to do something of my own. So, here I am building my own business as a Digital Marketer, Freelancer, and Blogger.

My Skills

Web Design
Email Marketing and Automation
Lead Generation
Paid Ads
Social Media Marketing

I have multiple certificates in Digital Marketing and have tried various techniques for myself and have achieved excellent results.

Golden Triangle

I strongly believe in Golden Triangle Rule which is a vicious cycle of 3 simple steps.

Golden Triangle


Learning is a never ending process and I learn a new skill everyday.


After learning, I try implementing things to understand them better.


After implementing, I try to teach a particular skill which gives me a lot better understanding about the skill I learnt.