5 Reasons You Must Be Patient And Persistent To Achieve Success


Are you a person who wants instant success? Are you the one who is not willing to go through the process to achieve success? If yes, then this article is for you. 

I have seen many people wanting to go viral. Some want to be youtube famous. Some just want to become successful entrepreneurs overnight. Basically, people want a magic stick or a full-proof formula that can give them an instant success, missing the most important or you can say the most crucial step and that is patience and persistence. Patience and Persistence are not only important for a specific business type but they are important and crucial for every task you do to achieve success. There is nothing like free lunch, you must have heard this saying, you have to pay for everything you want. Similarly, there is no ‘quick fix’ to achieve success and the one who says otherwise wants to alleviate your hard-earned money.

Let me tell you a story first. The story is about me and this will lead us to the topic we are going to discuss.

When I was in 8th standard, I really disliked maths and I was very bad at it and always thought that I would prepare it only one day before my exam. As a result, I failed my exam.

Heartbreaking! Right.

I felt so disappointed. Then I decided that I will improve myself at it. I started trying, started practicing more and more. At starting it was difficult for me but as time passed I got better at it and by practicing more and more it became my favorite subject. I was able to go get 100 percent in maths in both 10th and 12th. 

What do you think why I was able to achieve my goal. Let me tell you, it was Patience and Persistence. Yes, I was patient and persistent at my work which led to success.

You must be thinking why am I telling you all this. The reason is to tell you how Patience and Persistence can make you achieve success in anything you want. How important it is to be patient and persistent in whatever you are doing.

Now, I am going to tell you the main 5 reasons why you must be Patient and Persistent to achieve success.

Reason #1: Patience and Persistence Help You Gain Experience and Expertise

Being patient and persistent means getting up from a failure and learning from your mistakes. This whole process will help you gain experience and expertise in whatever task you are doing, which is vital for your success. Multiple attempts will help you gain practical knowledge and experience which are the most valuable assets.

Reason #2: Building Relationships With People Takes Time

If you have just started out then it takes time for people to know you and your brand. People will start trusting you slowly and gradually and in the process, if you give up then you will not be able to bear the fruits of success which is only possible if you are patient and persistent.

Reason #3: Makes You Ahead of Your Competitors

If you are just starting out in a field, there is something you need to know. You are not the first person in your area of interest, there are many. And it is good that you are not the first. There are advantages of not being first also. Check out the video given below to know the Advantages of Not Being “First”.

You have to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You have to be a little bit better than them each time. Analyze your competitors, build better quality and improve your work. Use small gains to build dominance for yourself.

Reason #4: Gives A Chance To Improve Yourself

The small gains come from patiently testing and learning from the insights you get. Dedication is not about sticking to an idea, it is about commitment to your success. You get a chance to analyze your strategies and see what works for you and change your strategies from time to time accordingly. Improvement takes a lot of time because there is a chance that you take the wrong steps but that’s Ok. With improvement, you get litter closer to your success.

Reason #5: Patience and Persistence Leads To Self – Fulfillment

I strongly believe in self-fulfillment. There’s nothing worse than asking yourself “ What have I actually achieved today? ” If you are not getting any immediate thoughts or answers then probably you have achieved very little and your self-potential is not fulfilled. The greatest feeling for me as a freelancer is self-fulfillment. There are many ways in which freelancing helps me realize my self-fulfillment.

  • My services help people.
  • I am putting my time and energy to good use.
  • I make a difference and at the same time pay my own bills.

There’s no other feeling similar to that of self-fulfillment, and you’ll never achieve it if you are not patient and persistent.


Just remember that it is the most patient and persistent among us who will always thrive. Also, when you think of giving up, ask yourself why you started and after coming this far, going back is not the right decision. Pushing yourself harder till you get the much desired and deserved success is the only key to your dreams.

With that in mind, now is the time to examine your patience and persistence.

If you like this article then share your stories of how patience and persistence help you succeed in the comment section below. 

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